Design Process

Nomolos Ltd provides a full architectural design service, specialising in residential and commercial design and draughting in the upper South Island. We are committed to working in partnership with our clients to create designs that are affordable, sustainable and deliver from both a quality and design perspective.


Designing a home is a very personal and individual experience. Every building design is heavily influenced by the lifestyle requirements of the future owner and their personal design ethos. We consider it vital that before deciding if we are the best architectural designer to translate your vision into reality, that you meet with us to discuss your needs, budget, ideas and any other requirements.

Nomolos provides a no-obligation consultation service so you can make an informed decision. We use this opportunity to talk you through our design philosophies, hear your vision and plans and essentially get to know the people behind the project. We will also talk you through our range of services, costings and explore timing and delivery details.

A formal written proposal can also be provided at a later date.

Section Feasibility

Our philosophy is to start working with clients at the very beginning of the design and build process. To get the absolute best from your design and future home or building, we recommend including us in the decision process from the start – allowing us to work in partnership with you to choose the right section that fits your vision and lifestyle requirements.

If you have a section of land that you are considering, or you would like to explore how a section could be used to achieve your requirements– we can compile research, undertake a feasibility study and give you an initial concept for your preferred site.

At this point in the process we would also explore and determine other requirements including any planning restrictions or consent issues that need to be taken into account. Sometimes we uncover issues that only come to light because of our understanding of consenting requirements. This knowledge can save money in the long run.

We will also work closely with you to better understand your views and requirements on sustainable and passive design – incorporating site and climate conditions to maximise the liveability and sustainability of your building.

Selecting the right section for your home is the first step to great design.

Bespoke Design and Draughting

There are many aspects that make up the design process. Each build is different and the level of service and detail of design can change dramatically depending on the style, budget, stage, and location of the build. We tailor every design package to meet the requirements of each individual project.

Nomolos can work with you at any stage of the design process, including:

  • Development of a design concept
  • Development of a complete detailed design – including technical drawings, construction detailing and consent documents
  • Providing design and consent amendments to an existing design
  • Providing a draughting service for small to large scale alterations
  • Management  of  lighting plans, kitchen joinery and bathroom designs
  • Management of construction admin – from site measurements to consent filings

3D Visualisation

Nomolos provides a 3D BIM (Building Information Model) and visualisation service to help you to better understand your design and to bring it to life. Using our high-level technology we are able to produce self-explore building  models, animated walk-through videos and photo-like stills to enable you to get a realistic view of your concept.

This process can be incredibly important to your overall satisfaction with the finished product. Understanding how a small detail on a plan can make a big difference in an overall picture is of great importance. 3D visualisations will help you to make an informed decision before it becomes a costly one.

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